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Dear Teachers, Leaders and State Partners,

We hope the coming of spring has brought with it many fishing adventures for you and your students! We realize buying tackle for your education programs can be expensive. And we know it’s often difficult deciding exactly what to buy when there’s so much from which to choose.

The Future Fisherman Foundation (F3) wants to help you make the best selection of tackle for your program at the best price. That’s why we’ve started Tackle for Educators, a new program designed by F3 and its partners in response to requests from our teachers to assist in selection and purchase of must have items. After reviewing equipment orders placed in the past, discussing equipment needs with our state partners and analyzing program reports submitted as part of the Physh Ed and HOFNOD programs, our team determined the most requested and useful equipment items.

We then shared our list with our industry partners and asked if they would help us with a program to assist educators who are delivering long-term angling-education programs. Their response was enthusiastic. Each partner offered to provide special pricing and/or free shipping to help offset the price of ordering through this new program.

Criteria for Participation
To qualify for F3’s Tackle for Educators Program, you must be delivering youth education programs that provide severalopportunities for participants to fish over a period of time as opposed to a half-day or one-day special event such as a fishing derby. Although we value fishing derbies as introductions to fishing, these do not qualify for our program. Samples of eligible programs include:

School programs that include classroom lessons and field trips over the course of the year, semester or unit of study
After-school programs that meet on a regular basis
Community fishing clubs that host multiple trips over the course of the year or season
Camps that meet over several days or weeks

If you meet these criteria and want to learn more, visit our website www.futurefisherman.org and click on the Tackle For Educators button.
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