Boat Captain Requirements

MSHSAA Boat Captain Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for those wanting to participate as a boat captain with a Missouri High School Fishing Program. For more information, please visit the MSHSAA website.

Boat Captain Rules
1. The boat captain must be over the age of 21.
2. The boat captain must have a valid fishing license.
3. The boat captain must provide proof of current liability insurance. (see insurance requirements)
4. The boat captain must have all required state, license, certifications and trainings.
5. The boat must have all state/coast guard required safety equipment.
6. The boat captain must not exceed the posted occupancy for the vessel.
7. The boat captain or co‐captain must be certified in both First Aid and CPR.
8. The boat captain must be trainee in any special medical conditions of participants.
9. The captain and co‐captain must complete the “Smarter Adults Safer Children” training.
10. The boat captain must carry a fully charged cell phone or other reliable form communication for
11. The boat captain must wear a PFD.
12. The boat captain must wear proper eye protection.
13. The “kill switch” must be attached.
14. The captain must observe all posted speed limit restrictions. If no restrictions are in place, the
maximum speed will be 50 MPH.
15. Boat captains must have the ability to monitor weather conditions.
16. The boat captain must complete a documented boat safety inspection prior to launching the boat

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